II International Conference Risks, Security and Citizenship
Setúbal is one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal Tourism. Passing through the landscape from the top of Arrábida Mountain or floating at the mercy of the tide in the Setúbal marina, there is always an invite for great moments, the bay offers a multitude of experiences: the city and the mountains; the Sado estuary and the beaches of the Atlantic, historical monuments and gastronomic delicacies. Welcome to Setúbal Bay...
How to get to Setúbal
Only 40 kilometers from Lisbon, integrating the respective Metropolitan Area, Setúbal does also border with Alentejo, establishing an important bridge connection with the South of Portugal. Provided with a excellent accessibility, the county offers transportation solutions to the road haulage, rail and fluvial maritime transport.
The Lisbon
Airport and the
Portuguese capital
are just 40 minutes
The rail network
covers the entire
connecting Spain
by the rest of
The connection
from Lisbon to
Setubal is ensured
by trains with a
regularity of 30 in
30 minutes.
The Port of Setubal
located in the Sado
Estuary works 24
hours a day, 365
days per year.
Setúbal also has a
regular river
transport, which
includes the use of
ferries, for
connection to Troia
Some of the main
national road
networks, as IP1 ,
the IP7, the EN10,
the A2 and A12,
guarantee quick
and convenient
connections to the
rest of the country,
as well as the all
the Iberian
BUS from Lisbon to
Setúbal by TST:
563, 754, 755, 561
e 562.
BUS in Setúbal that
stops in Luísa Tody
Auditorium: 736,
738, 744 e 783.
The sessions will take place at:
The Portugal Tourism has a complete list of all the places to stay in the Setúbal region. Please visit: www.visitsetubal.com.pt
The town hall of Setúbal available on is homepage a list of all the restaurants in town. Just look at: www.mun-setubal.pt
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